Harlan Howard - Sunday Morning Christian Lyrics

Harlan Howard Lyrics

Sunday Morning Christian Lyrics
Mr Jones this car you sold me isn't all that I desired

You swore it was young and healthy now I find it's old and tired

But a deal's a deal you tell me and there's nothing to be done

Mr Jones I'd like you better if you robbed me with a gun

You're a Sunday morning Christian sir singing louder than the rest

Beg forgiveness at the altar with your chin down on your chest

But tomorrow will be Monday you'll revert back to your ways

Gougin' kickin' cheatin' shovin' with no thoughts of God or lovin'

Don't let me stand in your way surely God will forgive you next Sunday

[ guitar ]

Mrs Smith your fine attendance shows the Christian life you live

But I know you little secret you expect God to forgive

You'll kiss your husband Monday morning see him safely on his way

Then get ready for your lover it's a long time till Sunday

You're a Sunday morning Christian ma'm...

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