Heather Myles - Begging to You Lyrics

Heather Myles Lyrics

Begging to You Lyrics
I left you this mornin', couldn't take any more.

You laughed and you dared me to walk out the door.

You said that I'd come back, you knew what I'd do.

An' you know you were right, I'm back here tonight,

Begging to you.

I won't disappoint you; I'm beggin' to stay.

Isn't that what you wanted to hear anyway?

It must make you happy to make me so blue.

What a pitiful sight, I must be tonight,

Begging to you.

You don't want my lovin' though you let me hang around.

I guess just to walk on so you won't touch the ground.

To you, it don't matter what you cause me to do,

As long as you keep me begging to you.

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