Hillary Scott - Jezebel Lyrics

Hillary Scott Lyrics

Jezebel Lyrics
Twenty-five miles to go
am I almost there
Seems like this road ain't never going nowhere
And I can't be born again
But I will take the blame
And I will take all your pain
And I will wear the stain
I know it can't be the same

Call me Jezebel
Call me if you will
My name is Jezebel
And I'm sorry still
When we were born we
were promised innocence
But now I must be growing old
I never dreamed I'd leave the fingerprints
To all the stories I've been told
but I might bear the shame
If I said I love you just the same
And I don't know why I came
I know it can't be the same

Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
Mother Mary, Holy Host
Did I do wrong...tels me
Will I die young
Do I belong
Did I do wrong

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