Hillary Scott - Lay Your Burden Down Lyrics

Hillary Scott Lyrics

Lay Your Burden Down Lyrics
Lay your burden down
It's all right to stop it all,
just stop it all right now.
And I don't care, I don't care
where you've been
It's all right, I don't care,
just set it down and come in.
Lay your head right down
It's all right to forget it all,
just forget it all right now, right now
And I don't have, I don't have
any place to be
It's all right, just lay yourself down,
lay it down on me, on me.

And you wear the night like your skin
but it's good to see you again
And we're all leaving something
that we've been
But there comes a time on the road
You've been out in the cold
You'd better stop...put down your loan
And come in

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