Hillary Scott - You Electrify Me Lyrics

Hillary Scott Lyrics

You Electrify Me Lyrics
Your phone is out of order and your doorbell's on the blink
You blew a curcuit breaker running water in the sink
There's feedback in your stereo
And lightning struck your aerial
And Thomas Alva Edison is crying from his grave
But he can't save us
There's devils in the line, and demons in the power
Deceivers of the sun, the glass, the hour
And some mad prince or doctor throwing switches in the tower
Defines the dark, defying you to see
The plastic grass laid in his yard
His tarnished brass no spirits guard
The world of possiblity
Wonder and beauty
Nearing reality
The chancing of perfection
May it be so
What other way to go
You electrify me, love
Most of all when you are by me, love
And even when you deny me, love
Your warm, alive, electric body, love
Your kiss, kinetic and potential, love
Charging the living battery full, love
You electrify me
You electrify me

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