John Berry Lyrics

John Berry Lyrics

From the Album I Give My Heart (2004) (buy at
I Give My Heart
Will You Marry Me
Your Love Amazes Me
I Give My Heart
Since The Day That I Met You

From the Album O Holy Night Live (2003) (buy at
O Holy Night Live
My Heart is Bethlehem

From the Album All The Way To There (2001) (buy at
All The Way To There
Settle For Everything
He Makes Me Want Her Again
You Make Me Believe
Everybody Knows
How Much Do You Love Me
I Promise You
Let's Find Out

From the Album Wildest Dreams (1999) (buy at
Wildest Dreams
Love Is For Giving
Love Was Made For Us
Power Windows

From the Album Faces (1996) (buy at
She's Taken A Shine
Change My Mind
I Will If You Will
He Doesn't Even Know Her
Livin' On Love
Time To Be A Man
Forty Again
Love Is Everything
I Give My Heart

From the Album Standing On The Edge (1995) (buy at
Standing On The Edge
Everytime My Heart Calls Your Name
Standing On The Edge
Prove Me Wrong
I Think About It All The Time
If I Had Any Pride Left At All
Desperate Measures
What Are We Fighting For
There's No Cross That Love Won't Bear
Ninety Miles An Hour
I Never Lost You
You And Only You

From the Album John Berry (1993) (buy at
John Berry
Kiss Me In The Car
More Than You'll Ever Know
A Mind Of Her Own
Your Love Amazes Me
More Than Just A Little
You And Only You
What's In It For Me
When Love Dies

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