Josh Gracin - Sweet September Lyrics

Josh Gracin Lyrics

Sweet September Lyrics
Clear crystal water drops
are on the windshield melting along
The sound of perfect harmony
are in the background, sweet emotions

We were young and free in my Cherokee, scared to death
you had your head leanded back
your toes on the glass, watermelon red

I remember what song was playin', that it was rainin'
the time, the day, the month, the year
the sweat, the steam, the urge, the fear
theres nothin' about that long wet, sweet Semtember, I dont remember

I smile and wonder where you are
and if you ever think of me
and how after that night in my arms
that we were never meant to be
yeah we lived and learned the pages turned, no regrets
first time soemone makes you feel like that, you'll never forget

[Chours x2]

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