Josh Gracin - The Other Little Soldier Lyrics

Josh Gracin Lyrics

The Other Little Soldier Lyrics
He used to play in Daddy's
With the stripes across
the sleeve
And he knew when he
was all grown up
What he was gonna be
He used to like to ambush
Every careless cat or dog
That he the nerve to cross the
Battle lines that he had drawn


And even though he didn't know
What his dad was fighting for
He was proud to be the other
little soldier
In this war

The phone rang in the middle
of the night
When they called his dad to go
Kissed him and his mom
He said, God I love you both
Now I know that it's a lot to ask
Of such a little man
But hold the fortand I'll
be home
As quickly as I can

(Repeat Chorus)


A wall could not begin to hold
the names of all the kids
Who gave the greatest sacrifice
that any child could give

It was the first time he'd
ever seen
A flag from up that close
And he watched them as they folded it
So careful and so slow
As they gave it to his mother
He knew what he should do
He raised his little hand
And gave his dad one last

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh yeah, yeah

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