Mark Wills - Nothin' But A Suntan Lyrics

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Nothin' But A Suntan Lyrics
She walks in the screen door wearin’ a cotton dress
That gets my imagination up and runnin’
Slips it off to reveal a suntan that she got in Barbados
With her friends while they were summer sunnin

I think I’ll acquire a previous commitment
Hold all my calls, everyone can wait a minute

Man, that girl is so fine
She just blows my mind
All she does is Smile
It gets my motor runnin’

She don’t need Dolce and Gabbana
I’m her biggest fan
When she’s wearing nuttin’ but a suntan

She’s the kind of girl your mama warned you about
When you see her walking by, you stop for green lights
She’s cool air conditioned all the time
No need to chill her wine, she’s that fine, that’s right
No Prada or Gucci clothes, no, that don’t get it
She don’t need a mink coat, so just forget it

(Chorus 3x)

Yeah, That girl is so fine
All she does is smile
It gets my motor runnin’
Yeah, nothin’ but a suntan
Oh Yeah nothin’ but a suntan

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