Mark Wills - Things That We Forget Lyrics

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Things That We Forget Lyrics
I forgot how much I love that smell of the dirt fresh off the plow
That tailgate rattle, tires on gravel, I sure do love that sound
And I can't believe I spent so many years running from this
It's slow and it's small, and it's life at a crawl, but it's everything I miss

Where we come from
Where we're going
How to live right here in the moment
How to love somebody
Let em' love you back
When to let go and cry
When to lighten up and laugh
Slow it all down and take a long deep breath
Man the things we forget

Well I pulled off that old river road and I looked back at my life
At the long lost friends and the might of been loves I told goodbye
Then I laid back on my truck hood and I pondered why we're here
If you stare long enough at the heavens above, man it all gets crystal clear


Man the things we forget
Yeah the things, we forget

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