Michelle Wright - Circle Of Life Lyrics

Michelle Wright Lyrics

Circle Of Life Lyrics
Ive been living in a hurry
Searchin' for my place in time
Daily life is getting to me
Same old people, same old grind

Standing on a crowded sidewalk
No one looks you in the eye
Its like were all just missing something
And life just keeps on passing by

So come on
Wont you stop and smell the roses
Come along
Days go by before you know it
Round and round we go
When it stops nobody knows
So open up your heart, enjoy the ride
Circle of life
Circle, circle of life

Mrs. Johnson in her big house
Perfect life, white picket fence
But in the night youll hear her crying
Praying for a second chance

When we search for all that glitters
It only leads us to fool's gold
Going faster into nowhere
Hoping glorys down the road


Like a photograph in time
The livings in between the lines
So close your eyes and hope you find the right direction
Make a real connection to life


Round and round we go
When it stops nobody knows
Circle, circle of life

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