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affirmation III Lyrics
[Backing of heartbeat drum sound]

How are u feeling 2day Mr Nelson?

[Heartbeat drum increases in volume in response]

I trust u are having a quick and enjoyable adjustment period
As u can see, we are communicating telepathically

[Strings and echoes from Way Back Home begin]
(Telepathically - Telepathically)

Which makes things move so much faster here
After u have completed the planned affirmation therapy
u will find this way of interaction far easier

Until I find my way back home [echo in background]

You've probably felt many years in you're former life, u were separate from not only only others, but even yourself.
Now u can see that was never the case
U are actually everything and anything that u can think of.
All of it is U

Until I find my way back home [echo x6 with lush string flourishes]

Remember there really is only one destination, and that place is U
All of it, everything is U.

["Way back home" chorus x2]
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