Magnificent Lyrics by Prince

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Magnificent Lyrics

So much anticipation
4 this conversation
Such a long time

Life a meeting of two nations
This special occasion
Got us both tongue tied

Let me just say that Eye've respected U
From a distance
Eye've been watching U, sho' been watching you
In the time it took the others 2 say Ur name
We became magnificence

What Eye'm about 2 say will astound U
But Eye can only say it when no one's around U

Magnificent, when it pounds you
The voice that U hear is the alchemy of Ur mind

The two of us like stardust
We go back, yeah we must
To the dawning of all time
To the nuclear reaction
The only present satisfaction
The sweet and sticky kind

Regardless of what they say 2 U
The moment U hear me speak they're through

Like paradise Eye'm so nice
Eye never lose my effect on U


The voice that U hear is the alchemy of Ur mind

Counting backwards, a thousand 2 one
Everything we do is so much fun
To our time before time began
Before Eye was a woman, before U were a man

Before sex and race ever mattered
Tell me now do U understand?

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