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Mellow Lyrics
Wanna get lost in the mellow Mellow of my mind
Chop a tree, pay the cost
I rather have a glass of u that's fine
Come on over baby 'round 7
Chill in ur favorite chair

U can watch a tape of this mellow afterparty
Macy and Common were there
Besides, u know... it takes... awhile... 4 me... 2 do... my... hair

Come on get lost in the mellow Mellow
Come on get lost in the mellow Mellow

How's that feel?

Where you wanna eat 2nite baby?
I know this dope spot called one another
Or maybe we might swing by the Egg
The perfect place 2 play house
I could smother u
I just might be runnin' lines
There's just so much u can find
In the mellow of my mind

This rainbow psychedelia
Come and get lost in the Mellow
There ain't nothin' 2 b afraid of
Just u and me in the mellow of my mind

I wanna get lost in the composition of u
Learn the rhythm and play only the notes u want me 2
I'm a good learner and once I understand
I'll stand under u and let u show me how u want ur man 2 b
I could dance 4 u- a little comical minuet
If u desire I'll shed my attire
Anything 2 get u wet.

Shower, my flower?
So much 2 do, so little time
So choose wisely and u can find thee
In the Mellow of my mind

Can I sing 2 u while u bring urself 2 joy?
I'll go slow at first, while u quench ur thirst
Wet circles round the toy
While u bring urself 2 joy

As she fell in2 the Sensual Everafter, out of bodyout of mind,
she stroked her hair a hundred times.
And as she fell deeper in2 the hypnotic unwind, he counted his way in2 the suggestive mind.
Planting a seed that bears fruit on the tree,
he said, "Repeat after me. Repeat after me. Repeat after me. 1+1+1 is 3"
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