Million $ Show Lyrics by Prince

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Million $ Show Lyrics
To the Mill-Million $ Show
This is something that you never seen before
To the Mill-Million $ Show
This the kinda music make you lose control

If you're ready come on let's go

You heard the news on the internet
About the tickets you got to get
Your favorite band is comin' to your town
What was lost is now found

Tell serena first come first serve
What we mean is who got the nerve
Standing outside people singing in line
Nothing out the [?] when you outta your mind


Don't listen to the music
Sayin' fear the fro
You got your $ so you go, go, go
Miss it for the world - only the insane
They're coming thru the snow
The sleet or the rain
Miss it for the world - only insane


Only the haters ever complain
Can't hear jack in the back of my plane
Turn the music up so the diss in vain
Turn the music up!
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