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$ Lyrics
Here she come, the most popular girl
In the whole wide world 2day
U don't know if she would but what's good if she'd some & look ur
U're standing over there tryin' 2 b gangsta coppin' ur favorite lean
U give her the head nod
O my god you're the craziest thing
She's ever seen but ur

And she's loving you all night long
In ur little world she's ur best girl
It's all money
Ain't nothing wrong
Ur dancing and she's loving you all night long

Funky dolla bill it's real you'all
Easy come, easy gone

Where you go everybody wanna know
So they can put it in a magazine
Next 2 the ad 4 the latest fad
In black hair care - vaseline
With this car these rims this grill you'll b
The illest on the scene
Whatever whatever all you need is ur music
And you'll b a party machine and you'll b


How many times you look 4 happy
And you never c the rich folx there?
But if the dj really dropped a needle all the tru players just don't
When all the news just gimme the blues and make you wanna pop a pill
What difference does it make who gots the most bank, it's just ink and


Pawns aside who's the king the 2 and 4
Wit hot sauce from the bay 2 baltimore
Take ur woman 4 she hit the front door
And whoop ur whole crew cuz they fat and slow

Dancing loving you all night long
It's all money ain't nothing wrong
Dancing loving you all night long
Easy come easy gone
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