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Revelation Lyrics
Revelation [x2]

It's coming back to me now
You and I were meant to be together (hands down)

Revelation [x2]

It seems like you've always been here,
Now that you are, stay with me forever my dear

Revelation [x2]

If ever (if ever), there was ever
such a thing as time, oh baby
It's useless, so useless to me now
For in your arms is everything, in your arms, everything
An army of haters, one by one
will do what they will to everyone
but the task at hand until I see the sun
is to keep doing you until you cum, to revelation (revelation...)

(Can I play with it now?)

It's all coming back to me now, like it was deep in the ocean
I'll beat me sword into a plow, and share a heavenly potion
with my future queen...
Half east, half west, the truth's somewhere; lest inbetween

Through English glamour, casting a spell
Though Hebrew, Greek and Roman hell
higher 'til we understand, the colour of the Pharoah's hand
(the colour of the Pharoah's hand...)
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