There'll Never B (Another Like Me) Lyrics by Prince

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There'll Never B (Another Like Me) Lyrics
It really don't matter who you get with
Cuz it just ain't meant 2 b

It really don't matter
Cuz you never shoulda woulda,
Even coulda been like me

Eye can get you what you want anything
At all girl all you gotta say is please
Ask ur mother ur sister ur brotha
There'll never b another
Never b another like me

Late afternoon slipped outta my bed
Turned up the stereo
About 2 raise the dead

Slipped in the bathroom
Put some olive oil in my hair
Walked in the closet
Tryin' 2 find something 2 wear

Then I check my emale
2 c where the party b
Change the names 2 protect the guilty
And get ready 2 creep
Should eye bring somebody
Or dance alone?
It don't matter 2 me u'all
Cuz 2nite is on


Bout a half past ten and eye'm on my way
Heard you had a fine little puerto rican dj
If she ain't got prince's new song
There is gonna b a scene
Cuz eye can't stand nobody cussin'
At me when I'm clean

Arms all around me
Soon as eye hit the door
Good thing I ate my spinach
U're thicker than b4
Oh what's this boy doing
Y he makin' that face
Don't he know eye have crazy friends with me
Ready 2 tear up this place?


Can't you c this is inevitable
What's the use in wastin' time?
U and me we could be com4table
All that takes is 4 you 2 make up ur mind
So now what's the matter?
U and me, we both dimes
Said we were
All them other pennies should scatter
We ought not waste this time
That's y...

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