Vern Gosdin - Love is Like an Echo Lyrics

Vern Gosdin Lyrics

Love is Like an Echo Lyrics
Honey you been sayin'
I don't love you anymore
That i'm not doin' loving things
Like i did before
But have you thought about it
How you're treatin' me these days
I think it's time you realize
That lovin' goes two ways

And love is like an echo
It will always return
When you give me all you got
And you love me through and through
Then just like an echo
Love will come back to you

Looks like you could figure out
That what you need to learn
When you say those hurtin' words
They always return

So hold me close say lovin' things
Honest,pure and true
The more love that you give to me
The more i'll give to you


Love is like an echo ... til end

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