All Nighter Comin' Lyrics by Vince Gill

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All Nighter Comin' Lyrics
Well hold on momma, cause papa done hit the skids
Pink slip in my pocket, how we gonna feed six kids
We're going hinky tonkin', I really need to tie one on
Pour me a double, bartender, keep pouring 'till my money's all gone

I got an all nighter comin'
I got an all nighter comin'
I got an all nighter comin'
Cause I just had a long hard day

I droe a big rig diesel, I always pulled her in on time
They said, they hell with the little man, put him in the welfare line
Well, it's a matter of time before the wolves are knocking at my door
So me and my baby, we're headed for the ole dance floor


Now don't you worry baby cause you can't keep a good man down
We'll pack up everybody and find ourselves a brand new town
It takes the eighteen-wheelers to make the world turn right
We're gonna keep on drinking and dancing in here tonight

[Chorus 2x]

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