If I Die Lyrics by Vince Gill

Vince Gill Lyrics

If I Die Lyrics
If I die drinking, I won't feel much pain
'Cause Lord, we all got demons that drive us all insane
I'll die just like my daddy with a bottle in my hand
So if I die drinking, that's just who I am

Well, if I die cheating in the arms of another's girl
From the fit of rage and jealousy will take me from this world
Well can't say I'd blame him, I'd prob'ly do the same
So if I die cheating, I'll live with the shame

Well if I die singing some old lonesome song
We're all drawn to heartache when someone's done you wrong
The last song I'll be playing is, 'When The Saints Go Marching In'
So if I die singing, oh, my song will never end

If I die praying to Jesus on my knees
Everyone I've ever loved will be waiting there for me
The dirt can have my body, the Lord, he owns my soul
So if I die praying, Lord, I ain't afraid to go
If I die praying, Lord, I ain't afraid to go

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