Next Big Thing Lyrics by Vince Gill

Vince Gill Lyrics

Next Big Thing Lyrics
Things have changed in the modern world
It Makes it kinda crazy for a boy and girl
All a lot of noise on the radio
It really don't rock
It really don't roll

Well, a kid come along make the young girls swoon
They all put his picture in their pink bedrooms
They all hail the brand new king
Everybody's waiting for the next big thing

Big cigars, diamond rings
Ridin' all around in a limousine
When you finally hit the top
Man you know what that means
Everybody's ready for the next big thing

For a little while
You can do no wrong
Live it up son
Cause it don't last long

There's always somebody
Waitin' in the wings
Thinking they're going to be the next big thing


I'll get a cowboy hat
Some real tight jeans
Lose a little weight and
Get a bellybutton ring

You can stand back I'm a lean machine
Maybe I'm gonna be the next big thing


Everybody's ready for the next big thing

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