Yearwood Trisha - Xxx's And Ooo's (An American Girl) Lyrics

Yearwood Trisha Lyrics

Xxx's And Ooo's (An American Girl) Lyrics

Phone rings baby cries TV diet guru lies
Good morning honey
Go to work make up try to keep the balance up
Between love and money

She used to tie her hair up in ribbons and bows
Sign her letters with X's and O's
Got a picture of her mama in heels and pearls
She's tryin' to make it in her daddy's world
She's an American girl
An American girl

Slow dance second chance mama needs romance
And a live-in maid
Fix the sink mow the yard really isn't all that hard
If you get paid


Well she's got her God and she's got good wine
Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline



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