Mark Erelli - Call You Home Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

Call You Home Lyrics
(Mark Erelli)

There are seven sisters weeping
Down by the old oxbow
As the coffee colored river
Swells with melting snow

Soon a bittersweet new season
Will turn the gray to green again
And I'll have to find a way
To say goodbye to you, my friend

I'm gonna miss you this I know
Though I'll be just another memory when I go
Will you forgive me all my sins
And gather me back in
Like the prodigal son no more to roam
Will you let me once again call you home

The sky is open like a chalice
All along the river road
Where the patchwork field tobacco barns
Shiver in the cold

I could drink it in for hours
And never take my fill
I tell myself that I'll forget
But I know I never will


The wild birds take their passage
Across the vernal sky
Like an arrow loosed from God's own bow
So swift and true they fly

Lord, draw me from your quiver
Take away my tears
Shoot me o'er the seven sisters
Somewhere far away from here


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