Mark Erelli Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

From the Album Hope & Other Casualties (2006) (buy at

Here & Now
Imaginary Wars
Snowed In
The Only Way
Evening's Curtain
Seeds Of Peace
Seasons Pass
Hartfordtown 1944
Passing Through
God Loves Everyone

From the Album Hillbilly Pilgrim (2004) (buy at
Hillbilly Pilgrim
Brand New Baby
Troubadour Blues
A Bend In The River
The Farewell Ball
Let's Make A Family
Troubles (Those Lonesome Kind)
My Best Was Just Not Good Enough (For You)
Fool No.1
Ain't No Time Of Year To Be Alone
Pilgrim Highway

From the Album The Memorial Hall Recordings (2002) (buy at

Call You Home
Every Goodbye
What's Changed
Fine Time Of Year
The Drinking Gourd
Blue Eyed Boston Boy
Guitar Interlude
Dear Magnolia
Summer Night
The Devil's Train
Little Torch

From the Album Compass and Companion (2001) (buy at
Compass and Companion
Compass and Companion
Why Shoudl I Cry
Miracle Man
My Love
Little Sister
Free Ride
Before I Knew Your Name
Take My Ashes to the River
All Behind Me Now
Almost Home

From the Album Mark Erelli (1999) (buy at

Do It Everyday
One Too Many Midnights
I Thought I Heard You Knocking
The River Road
I Always Return
Hollow Man
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Midnight Train
Only Wondering Where You Are
Northern Star, Southern Cross

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