Mark Erelli - Every Goodbye Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

Every Goodbye Lyrics
(Jim Armenti)

I've been called every bad name, some I can't name
By judges and lawyers and folks I never met
But my mother she called me Walker Jermaine
She said go out boy and make your own way

So I tried making boxes out in Nashua
Yeah I tried laying traps up in Bar Harbor bay
But none of it held me and I got way
Yeah I got away good, just as gone as I could

Every shuteye ain't sleep
I know it's so
Restless I ride in the linen
Every goodbye ain't gone
I know it's true
I'm counting out days, leaving only a few

I know it's not right to take what's not mine
I'm sure it's not right, I know stealing's a crime
But I know what it's like to see a life going down
Like gravel in a grave, one grain at a time


Well I been here so long I got stones for old friends
And I tell 'em my secrets and that's where it ends
The woman who named me, she's in the ground
But her Walker Jermaine just cannot be found


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