Mark Erelli - Midnight Train Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

Midnight Train Lyrics
(Mark Erelli)

I climbed out my bedroom window
Shimmied down the tree
Under cover of the darkness
I crept on down the street
She is waiting for my signal
Hope her daddy doesn't hear
When she scrambles down the trellis
And we just up and disappear

I'll be waiting 'neath a streetlight all alone
Like a dog waits for a bone
Baby please don't let me down
I'm only trying to make you understand
Come on, baby take my hand
Only love and love alone can save us now

Oh Angie, can't you hear that whistle blow
Pack your bags it's time to go
Don't you think it's time we made our getaway
We'll ride the rails 'till morning comes around
Wake up in some other town
Where nobody knows our names
Run away with me and ride the midnight train

We discovered long ago
This town ain't big enough for two
Who refuse to dream in black and white
Like all the others do
I want to see them colors shine
Just like the stories I've been told
I want to follow that old rainbow
'Till we find that pot of gold

Oh Angie, don't you listen
When they tell you I'm insane
They're only trying to keep your heart up on the fence
'Cause the truth is it's the other way around
That's the problem with this town
I'm the only one who's talking any sense

Oh Angie, can't you hear the engine whine
As it rumbles down the line

Oh Angie, can't you hear that lonesome sound
Nothing else can stop us now

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