Mark Erelli - Northern Star, Southern Cross Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

Northern Star, Southern Cross Lyrics
(Mark Erelli)

Across the miles that lie between
The lives we live, and the lives we dream
Full moon shines so blue and bright
Smiling down on the both of us tonight

I see your face
I hear your voice
I heed the call, I have no choice

I'm the northern star
You're the southern cross
We are never alone
Look for me
If you get lost
I will shine you home
I will shine you home

There was a time not long ago
I would've run as fast and far as I could go
I won't be afraid this time around
There's too much at stake to let you down


I know it's hard just to believe
When all you hold are memories
We share the sky when we're apart
It makes no difference, how near or far


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