Mark Erelli - Only Wondering Where You Are Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

Only Wondering Where You Are Lyrics
(Mark Erelli)

The sun goes down, the sun comes up
Black coffee fills a paper cup
Every morning it gets harder to remember
The days all seem to pass this way
Nothing much to do or say
A thousand shades of gray just like November

Once upon a time the time stood still
The moments they were ours to fill
Or drain just like a drunkard will a toast
Now I turn around and hope to see
You standing where you're supposed to be
Instead I find I'm followed by your ghost

I got this space inside I just can't seem to fill
Don't you know sometimes it seems I never will
I ain't wishing you could still be by my side
I'm only wondering where you are tonight

It never seems to rain unless it pours
And catches us both out of doors
In the storm it all just comes undone somehow
Still I thought we'd last until the end
No matter where we'd gone or been
If I'd only known back then what I know now


Old lovers have to say goodbye
As nightfall darkens in the sky
The tears we cry can't keep the world from spinning
But morning always comes again
As it will for you and I my friend
This is not the end it's only a new beginning


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