Mark Erelli - The Devil's Train Lyrics

Mark Erelli Lyrics

The Devil's Train Lyrics
(Cliff Carlisle & Mel Foree, Acuff-Rose Music/BMI)

The devil's train is long and black
It rides on rails of tears
It's headed for destruction now
With a drunken engineer

Oh see the greatness of the crowd
That waits beside the tracks
They're leaving on that devil's train
And never coming back

Oh Lord please stop that devil's train
Before it is too late
And teach them how to bow their heads
Before they seal their fate

The devil's train will take you to
A land of groans and pain
You'll spend your days in sorrow if
You ride that devil's train

Oh listen to that whistle scream
Like echoes from the blue
The throttle's wide and spouting steam
She's on her way to doom


The devil's train is long and black
It's beautiful to see
It offers you temptation but
It brings you misery

So come and ride that glorious train
Where happiness is free
It's on its way to heaven now
To spend eternity


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